From the cold waters
of the South Pacific
to the world

We are Omega, we are Swordfish.

Since 1987, Omega has been established as the largest producer-processor and exporter of Swordfish (Xiphias gladius) to international markets.
Our fleet of ships added to our efficient processing plant make us World Leaders in the supply of Swordfish, both Fresh and Frozen.

Consistency in the supply and superior quality

are our daily objectives and permanent commitment to our customers.

The development of solid and lasting relationships with our customers

has been our way of understanding and successfully developing our business model.


Our fleet starts its fishing season in the month of March and ends with its last unload at the end of October.
We have a production of more than 1,000 tons per year of Swordfish, which have as final destination the European and American market.


This Production is Packaged in H&G or Loin by our Process Plant , OMEGA SEAFOODS, trained and certified to meet the demanding needs of our customers.

Omega Quality

Few fishing companies dedicated to Swordfish are in all stages of production.

We are There

we know deeply the product that our client receives, having the security of its optimal Quality.

Omega Quality

The high production standards that we have allow each time an OMEGA product box is opened, anywhere in the world, to have the same quality with which it was packed and shipped from our Process Plant in the North of Chile.

Security and trust is the meaning of our concept

“ Omega Quality”

Concept that guides us daily to get a product of superior quality.

Our Swordfish is

100% Fresh

100% Natural

100% Additive Free


Omega develops responsible fishing, in a regulatory framework that protects the preservation of both Swordfish and incidental fishing resources, safeguarding the care of sea turtles and birds, among others.

We have taken clean production agreements, committing our Process Plant with the necessary care of the environment.

We obtain a high production standard that allows us to have a presence in the most demanding markets of the World.